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At Boston Diamonds Diamonds and Bling we aim to provide our clients the best experience possible. Contact us if you like to talk to a specialist to build a ring for your special day. 

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The Four C’s of Your Diamond

Every diamond, like a human fingerprint, has certain distinguishing characteristics. The 4Cs—color, clarity, cut and carat weight—are the globally accepted standards for assessing the quality of a diamond.
Diamond Size
Carat denotes the weight of a diamond, not the size. Tiffany measures diamonds to 1/1000th of a carat; one carat equals .20 grams. Tiffany diamonds are always cut to maximize beauty, not carat weight.
Diamond Color
Color refers to the natural tint inherent in white diamonds. In nature, most white diamonds have a slight tint of yellow. The closer to being “colorless” a diamond is, the rarer it is. The industry standard for grading color is to evaluate each stone against a master set and assign a letter grade from “D” (colorless) to “Z” (light yellow).
Diamond Clarity
Diamond clarity is a measure of the purity and rarity of the stone, graded by the visibility of these characteristics under 10-power magnification. A stone is graded as flawless if, under 10-power magnification, no inclusions (internal flaws) and no blemishes (external imperfections) are visible.
Diamond Cut
The most important of the 4Cs—cut—refers to how a diamond’s facets interact with light. It is determined by symmetry, proportion and polish. More than any other factor, cut determines the beauty of the stone.

We create unique jewelry for those who appreciate proven quality and exquisite style

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